Custom Designed Wedding Cakes

Custom designed, bespoke wedding cakes

Please contact me directly to set up a tasting and design meeting to discuss your vision! There is an $800 minimum on all wedding cakes. 

Celebration Cakes

Small buttercream cakes perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and any other special occasions

Decorated with an assortment of sprinkles, dried flower petals, and other edible garnishes

I regularly offer three standard sizes:

6" Round // Serves 8-12 // $50

8" Round // Serves 12-16 // $65

9" Round // Serves 18-20 //$80

Can email directly or use the contact form to order; please allow a minimum of 5 days for any order

Cakes can have a smooth buttercream finish, buttercream ridges, or be "nearly naked"


Beautiful, ornate bas relief decorated cookies

These petite edible works of art are truly a special treat. Each one is custom designed and delicately applied by hand. Due to their time consuming nature, we can only offer order of 12 or fewer in order to ensure the freshest product. 

Can email directly or use the contact form to request an order, priced per order.

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